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Issue 89,  published February 2020

  1 From the Editor

  2 Urgent – A Sales Officer is needed

  3 From the Chairman

  5 News from the line

  11 UNESCO Update

  11 Education Group Joy Train ride – Sardashwari Girls School

  12 News Extra – A report by John Clemmens

  12 Public Relations Notes

  13 Indian Steam Railway Society conference

  14 Keeping in Touch. The MoU

  15 Building the Society archive

  15 Copyright and rights to publish

  20 Indian narrow-gauge news

  21 A World Cruise in 1934

  25 DHR train modelled in 7mm: 1 foot scale

  27 Society Events

  28 Darjeeling Children’s Trust

  30 DHR locomotive check list

  31 Letters

  32 Books

Issue 86, to be published May 2020

Issue 87, to be published August 2020

Issue 88, to be published November 2020

 1   From the Editor


 1    From the Editor


 1    From the Editor