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Director DHR, Mr M K Narzary

Notes for Editors

The Darjeeling Himalayan  Railway Society was formed in 1997.
It has over 800 members in 24 countries. Its web site is at  &

The Darjeeling  Himalayan Railway opened in 1881. It is one of only three railways in  the World designated by UNESCO
as a World Heritage Site.

The line from  New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling is 55 miles long and rises to over 7,400ft.

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Paul Whittle,
Public Relations Officer
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Reports  from the Line - How You Can Help

The DHRS welcomes factual, current information from recent visitors to the  line.
Information should include dates, locations, locomotive and carriage details,  and timings.
Any other more general information e.g. special workings is  also welcome.
If photographs are available for the use of the Society, please detail them and sent to ""
All reports and photos will always be acknowledged and any reports or photos used will be credited.


A report by Hartwig Jaecks following a visit to the line at the end of April 2014


801 "Tindharia" (steaming with new name and number plates)

780 "Wanderer" (cold)
791 (cold)

792"Hawkeye" (steaming)

805 "Soldat" (cold)

NDM6605 (running)

782 "Mountaineer" (cold)

795 (cold with new blue colour)

779 "Himalayan Bird" (for special train)

788 "Tusker" (steaming with Toy Trains)

802 "Victor" (steaming)

804 "Queen of the hills" (cold)

NDM6 601 (running with Toy Trains)

NDM6 604 (train to Kurseong)


21/4/2014: 1. chartered steam train Siliguri Junction - Rangtong (792)

21/4/2014: 2. chartered train Rangtong - Gayabari (NDM6 605)

22/4/2014: 3. chartered steam train Kurseong- Darjeeling (779)

23/4/2014: train Darjeeling - Kurseong 10.15 - 13.10 (NDM6 601),

Train Kurseong - Mahanadi around 13.30 - 14.45 (NDM6 601),

Train Kurseong - Darjeeling 15.00 - 17.50 (NDM6 601)

24/4/2014: Toy Train Darjeeling-Ghum (Diesel, no steam)

25/4/2014: 4. chartered steam train Darjeeling- Mahanadi (779)

25/4/2014: 5. chartered steam train Gayabari - Siliguri Junction (792)

In Siliguri I could see three new coaches with blue and cream colours and a special lettering.
All seats were still protected by plastic films

It seems that these coaches will be part of the new train called "Red Panda", which will run at weekends between Darjeeling and Kurseong. It will be a very delightful! train!
Many other coaches I could see in Siliguri are in a very good condition with new colours etc.

I visited the landslip near Pagla Jhora, 2 excavators were operating and about 12 workers building up foundations. No car tried to pass the landslip.
It will
be a long time to see a new track for the DHR.
On the new alignment at Tindharia we travelled twice: up by Diesel and down by steam.
Road repairs at this point could not be seen.

Hartwig Jaecks