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DHR Art Competition  and Prizegiving

During  2006 the DHRS sponsored an art competition, held in 30 different schools  in the Darjeeling area. The competition itself took place in mid-2006,  with over 300 school students taking part. The prizegiving was held  on November 3rd 2006. The  Inner Wheel Club of Darjeeling were the society's partners in this project.  The capable ladies of Inner Wheel organised the event itself and made  all the preliminary arrangements for the prizegiving, and we thank them  very much indeed for all of their hard work. We were most fortunate  to be able to hold the prizegiving in the grounds of Raj Bhavan, the  official Darjeeling residence of the Governor of West Bengal. In addition,  the Governor himself, Sri Gopalkrishna Gandhi, kindly agreed to give  out the prizes.

The event was  attended by many school students, the staff of their schools and a large  number of residents of Darjeeling and its area. Prizes were awarded  in age categories, and there was also a prize for the best poster design,  won by 14-year-old Isha Baraily from Gaynoday Niketan School. The occasion  was a great success. All who attended enjoyed the morning, especially  the children.

The event provided  an excellent opportunity for representatives of the DHRS to make new  contacts in the area, and to develop existing contacts. Darjeeling Carnival  was held shortly after the prizegiving. Carnival is an annual event  attended by thousands of people. The carnival organisers were able to  exhibit some of the entries and to mount a display about the history  of the DHR, so the railway remained high profile for some time. Inner  Wheel have arranged for some of the art entries to be printed as greetings  cards, and reports tell us that they are selling well. Copies of the  winning poster are also on sale in the Darjeeling area.

 The art competition  has been one aspect of the work of the DHRS Education Group. Over the  last two years this group has been making contact with schools along  the DHR, and has developed education materials about the railway which  are being used with pupils from kindergarten age to 14 years. Following  the success of the art competition and prizegiving, the Education Group  is expanding their work to reach more schools along the line and plans  to hold other events in the Darjeeling area in the future.

The top poster  is the winner.

Full report  in the issue 37, February 2007, of the "DHRS - The Darjeeling Mail"

Report by  Marilyn Metz & Peter Tiller March 5th, 2007

Isha Baraily from Gaynoday  Niketan School presents the Governor with a copy of her winning poster  entry.

The event was held on the  lawn at Raj Bhavan (the Governor of West Bengal's official residence  in Darjeeling)

The Governor took a keen  interest in all of the artwork displayed. He even chose two for his  own collection.

All pictures by Hugh Rayner